This is my website. Thanks for looking me up. I want this site to be useful, a place where you can find information about my writing – the books and magazine stories that I’ve produced over the years, as well as news about projects I’m now working on and events that I’ve got planned. There’s also a section for you to contact me, with space for your questions, comments, and your own ideas, if you’d like to post them. The comments you leave, and my responses where appropriate, will be shared with others. Perhaps a running conversation can develop and we all can learn something about the writing life. I hope you enjoy the website. Thanks for visiting.

Featured Article

Featured Article

Tender is the Night

Their suicide pact shocked their friends and family. Questions still swirl around an aging couple’s decision to “die with dignity.” The story of Daniel and Katherine Gute.

– Milwaukee Magazine, March 2011

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New Book

New Book

Courtroom Avenger

In this new addition to the acclaimed American Bar Association’s Lawyer Biography Series, author Kurt Chandler paints a profile of prolific Wisconsin trial lawyer Robert Habush, of Habush Habush and Rottier. For over 50 years, Habush has represented the Davids of the world against Goliath interests. This is his story.

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Latest News

Latest News

News & Events

Stay tuned for news of upcoming appearances and media interviews about Chandler’s new release, “Courtroom Avenger.” And follow his Editor’s Letter each month in Milwaukee Magazine.

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