Shaving Lessons: A memoir of father and son


About the book

With a mixture of admiration, amusement, and alarm, author Kurt Chandler watches his son Ben navigate his freshman year of high school. It’s a transitional time for both of them — father at mid-life and son on the path to manhood — which they manage together by awkward graceful turns. As the two share Ben’s life adventures, including Ben’s first shave, first date, sports tryouts, a road trip, and a rock concert, Kurt gains new insights into his own childhood and relationships with his parents, and the ways in which he handled his own adolescence. This moving and honest portrayal of a father-teenage son relationship offers a real unsentimental understanding of what it means to be both a father and a son.

Praise for: Shaving Lessons

“Shaving Lessons is a bit of Dave Barry and a pinch of Billy Crystal, mixed in with a lot of heart and soul. It’s a delightful journey into the wonderful, kaleidoscopic befuddlement of how to father a kid who’s become elbows, inquiry, silence and big feet.”
Gus Lee, author of China Boy

“With Shaving Lessons, Kurt Chandler achieves that rarest of goals, a true guy book with a tender center, an intimate memoir by a man that is neither ‘me’ nor ‘war.’ In the story of his son’s first nine months in high school, Chandler has set down the history of a rookie year—his own rookie year as a man learning to be the father of a man.”
Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean

“It’s funny how life spins you in circles,” writes Chandler (Passages of Pride) in a refreshingly humble memoir that explores the relationship between him and his teenage son during the latter’s freshman year in high school. Reflecting on his dual roles as father and son, the author finds himself doing the same things with his son that his own father did with him: installing ceiling tiles, taking road trips, and playing ball. Chandler’s writing style is readable and engaging, and his witty, thoughtful parenting style displays a reasonable, even admirable model. Shaving Lessons will interest those who want to learn about effective family relationships. Highly recommended for public libraries.”
Library Journal

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